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Computing systems maintenance is the single most important part of any IT administrator's job. Viruses alone infect thousands of computers daily which jeopardize the stability of the operating systems and applications as well as the integrity of the data that is stored on the systems. Hardware failures also contribute to substantial loss of data, revenue, and productivity. These and many other potentially damaging events can be avoided with proper routine maintenance.  JD Technologies can help protect against these and other vulnerabilities by providing weekly\monthly systems health checks ensuring that the integrity of your computing systems and data will remain rock solid.


  • Install critical patches for the OS and applications
  • Ensure that Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware protection software is enabled
  • Ensure backups are running and properly configured
  • Power protection (UPS) is installed and running properly
  • Ensure that the your internal network is protected from the Internet
  • Check systems for potential hardware problems